The Crying Game


I’m what I call hyper-emotional. It doesn’t take a lot for my tears to flow.💧💧💧

Try as I might (and do), I really cannot control that emotional side of myself.

On top of that, I’m 100% an ugly crier 😭. I can’t talk when I cry. My voice goes weird.

It’s not a pretty thing.

At all.

What is that about?!

Here’s the thing, though. If I’m feeling emotionally on edge, meaning the tears are there under the surface but I’m keeping them at bay, watching a tear-jerker of a movie is a great way to release. Because the tears need to come out.

Last night, we watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I’ve never read the book, but my kids have, and they’ve all loved it. My youngest just finished it. He and my daughter got us all to watch the film. I had no idea what to expect. Dr. Carlos sat on the edge of the couch, ready to bolt, for the first ten minutes, convinced he wasn’t going to get in to it.

But he quickly settled in…we were immediately drawn into the story. And man, oh man, the tears pooled in my eyes quite a few times.

Sometimes, though, it feels ridiculous to all out bawl during a movie, so I try to use restraint–and a wad of tissue.

I didn’t know that’s what I was getting into with The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but it was heartbreaking.

Somehow, I mostly held in my tears last night, but now I feel like I HAVE to cry to get it all out. To cry for Charlie. To cry for Sam and Patrick. To cry for everyone who has struggled like these kids.

Do you ever feel like that? Like you just have to cry to get it all out (or is that just me?)?

I think another tear-jerker movie is on the agenda sometime this weekend. My daughter and I can watch and cry, side by side. 😭

This leads me to my question for you. I need tear-jerker movie titles! Do you have any suggestions?

I’ve seen:
Lion. Oh my God, that was heart-wrenching. So many tears. Not pretty.
Steel Magnolias. I’m done for the day after that one.
Beaches, though it’s been a LONG time.
Brokeback Mountain. 😢
Schindler’s List…and anything war-related