The Book Magic Mysteries on Audio

Why Audiobooks?

I love audiobooks. No matter what is happening in my life, I usually have three books going: one I read mostly at night before bed on my eReader. One in print–usually a cookbook, an educational book, or some form of self-education. And an audiobook, which I listen to daily when I walk my dogs and when I’m in the car. If a book is a particularly good one, I will walk longer than planned, or I will come home and do chores or something that allows me to keep listening.

The Narrator

The narrator for any given audiobook is just as important as the book itself. Listening is an experience. The narrator can make or break that experience. I’ve come across books that were interesting, but I couldn’t bear to listen to the narrator’s voice for one more second. It could be because the voice itself wasn’t appealing to me, or it could be the way they spoke, the speed and intonation, and overall manner.

When I find a narrator I love, I will look them up to see what else they’ve narrated and if that is something that sounds interesting, I’ll add it to my queue. Imogen Church is one of my favorite audiobook narrators. I first heard her when I listened to The Death of Mrs. Westaway.  I loved everything about how she narrated this book I searched her on Audible (this is my listening platform) and picked something else of hers. Now, she’s one of my Go Tos.

My Books on Audio

the audiobook cover for book one in the Book Magic Pippin Lane Hawthorne series, Murder in Devil's Cove, which is red and has a boat with a moody vibe.

My Bread Shop series is on audio. So are the first three of the Lola Cruz Mystery Series and the Pippin Lane Hawthorne Book Magic Series.

The production process, meaning bringing these books to audio, was such an interesting experience. For the Book Magic series, I auditioned narrators and had the pleasure of working with Abigail Reno, who captured Pippin and the North Carolina vibe of the story so well. 

So, for all you audiobook lovers, I hope you’ll give one of my books a try. Again, the first three Pippin Lane Hawthorne Book Magic books are available everywhere on audio. I love this series so much. Get the prequel (Murder on Rum Runner’s Lane) and the first two full-length books (Murder in Devil’s Cove and Murder at Sea Captain’s Inn) everywhere audiobooks are sold. 🎧

And look for the rest of my audiobooks HERE!