Praise for Lola Cruz Mysteries



Early Praise for Bare Naked Lola

Ay Caramba! Lola’s back, and hotter than ever, whether strutting her stuff as a courtside dancer or crashing a party at a nudist resort. Between the well-crafted mystery and the sizzling romance, BARE-NAKED LOLA is a great read… and muy caliente!” ~Jennie Bentley, NY Times bestselling author

“Smart, sassy, and a bundle of fun!  Lola is the spicy, Latina answer to Stephanie Plum – full of laughs, heart, and the kind of endearing women you can’t help rooting for.  Fans of the humorous mystery genre will be cheering in their seats over Melissa Bourbon Ramirez’s latest Lola Cruz mystery.” ~ Gemma Halliday, NY Times bestselling author

“Bare-Naked Lola reveals just how saucy, funny, sizzling and brave P.I. Lola Cruz can be. She is one hot mamacita, and this book is not to be missed! Loved every page of Bare-Naked Lola!” ~ Bestselling author Heather Webber

“Melissa Bourbon Ramirez has scored with her latest edition in the Lola Cruz Mysteries series. She had me cheering for Lola as the sassy PI goes undercover as a dancer for a professional basketball team to investigate a mystery that kept me guessing (and giggling) all the way to the bare-naked end.” ~ Dorothy St. James, author of the White House Gardener Mysteries

“¡Ay Caramba! Lola Cruz is back, smarter and sexier than ever. Melissa Bourbon Ramirez and her spicy PI detective will leave you hanging on every page!” ~ Tonya Kappes, bestselling Indie author

Praise for the Lola Cruz Mysteries

“Ramirez’s muy caliente debut introduces Dolores “Lola” Falcón Cruz, a Sacramento, Calif., PI whose kung fu moves are only part of her chica charm. A missing persons case—the disappearance of 42-year-old Emily Diggs, who left her six-year-old son, Sean, stranded at school—turns into a murder investigation after a boater finds Emily’s body near Riverbank Marina. Lola’s old high school crush, Jack Callaghan, now a Sacramento Bee reporter, provides some unexpected help. Emily had approached Jack about her 18-year-old son Garrett’s recent death—from what Emily believed was a “heart infection” due to a faulty tattoo. Lola’s determined to uncover the facts and catch the killer, even if it means, gulp, getting a girly belly-button piercing. Ramirez keeps the action tight, the plot smart and humor light in this spicy blend of crime solving and romance. Lola’s Latina perspective adds extra sizzle.” ~ Publishers Weekly

“This highly entertaining first-person novel launches a new series with a bang. Well written with laugh-out-loud humor and a complex mystery, this wonderful debut will have you looking forward to more books in the series. Lola is no lightweight detective, despite the chick lit feel to the book, and the balance between her personal and professional life is ideal. The tension in both romance and danger deepens expertly.” ~ Romantic Times Magazine, 4 Star Review

“Living the Vida Lola offers plenty of plot twists and action, in addition to hot moments of romance. For a touch of welcome diversity in the mystery novel, I highly recommend Living the Vida Lola.” ~ Lynne F. Maxwell, Mystery Scene

“Living the Vida Lola is a fun, entertaining novel…The story combines romance, mystery and humor and moves at a fast pace that will keep you turning those pages. There’s a great array of secondary characters that add color to the story. I found there was a good balance between the romance and the mystery, without one getting in the way of the other. There’s also a lot of romantic tension between the hero and heroine. This is the first book in the Lola Cruz mystery series and I’m eagerly looking forward to reading the next book. Be sure to add this title to your summer reading list!” ~ Mayra Calvani, Latino Books Examiner

“A true chick mystery: Hot, seductive, flirtatious, sexy with some true PI work on the side.”~Book Lovers Bookstore

“Fans looking for the next Stephanie Plum might just find her in Sacramento in the form of Lola Cruz, the muy caliente heroine of Misa Ramirez’ Living the Vida Lola…Ramirez puts together a snappy blend of mystery, romance and humor…” ~ Mystery Lovers Book Store

“Living the Vida Lola has a cast of endearing characters so real they jump right off the page. If you like a mystery with plenty of sass and sizzle, don’t miss this sparkling debut!” ~ Brenda Novak, bestselling author of Trust Me

If you like fun and spunky Stephanie Plum, you’ll love smart and sexy Lola Cruz. Fun, tightly plotted and 100% entertaining, Living the Vida Lola is a terrific story bursting with marvelous characters that keep you rapidly turning pages until the very end. Misa Ramirez’s debut novel rocks.” ~ Allison Brennan, bestselling author of Playing Dead

“Make way for Lola Cruz!  Misa Ramirez’s Lola Cruz is a flesh and blood heroine:  smart, sassy, and sexy.   Living the Vida Lola is a hot debut mystery that shouldn’t be missed.” ~ Maggie Barbieri, author of Quick Study

“Watch out baddies, Lola P.I. packs a punch and always gets her man!”~Mary Castillo, author of Switchcraft

“Sexy, funny, and completely entertaining.  Who could ask for more?  But wait!  Living The Vida Lola has much more, including colorful characters you’ll cheer for from chapter one to the end.  Not to be missed.” ~ Lara Rios, author of Becoming Americana

“Muy caliente! Living the Vida Lola by exciting new author Misa Ramirez is deliciously decadent, laugh-out-loud fun. If you like a little spice with your mystery, you’re going to love PI Lola Cruz.” ~ National bestselling author Tori Carrington of The Sofie Metropolis, PI series

”Living the Vida Lola offers plenty of plot twists and action, in addition to hot moments of romance.” ~ Meritorious Mysteries

“I love the characters in this book from Lola, Jack, Antonio, Reilly and her relatives and how they interact with Lola’s occupation. This was a fun and sexy read and I can’t wait for the next book in this series.” ~ Notes From Me, 4 star review

“The book was a perfect mixture of romance and mystery…Ramirez will definitely be added to my chica lit author must have list where I will just have to buy any books that she publishes.” ~ In Search of Balance