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Book Excerpt: Death Gone a-Rye

Read the first chapter in Death Gone a-Rye Chapter 1 The sky was a periwinkle blue dotted with cotton ball clouds. The sound of waves crashed along the surf, intermixed with the occasional squawk of a sea gull. The light April breeze might have made the late afternoon too chilly for an outdoor wedding, but the stars had aligned and the weather was a temperate sixty-eight degrees. It couldn’t have

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Listen to Chapter 1 of Murder in Devil’s Cove!

Listen to Chapter 1 from Murder in Devil’s Cove! It’s available wherever you listen to audiobooks. The narrator, Abigail Reno, is absolutely phenomenal. She captures the light Southern tinge in Pippin’s voice and the book as a whole. I hope you enjoy this book and series. It’s pretty special!   XO       “A combination of magic and mystery, “Murder In Devil’s Cove” by Melissa Bourbon is a deftly

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Book Excerpt: Murder in Devil’s Cove

Read the first chapter of Murder in Devil’s Cove Chapter 1 “Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration.” ~Charles Dickens The island of Devil’s Cove lay between the mainland and the barrier islands on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, smack in the middle of four ocean channels. Albermarle Sound was to the north.

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Book Excerpt: Living the Vida Lola

Living the Vida Lola   Prologue When I was fourteen years old, I snapped pictures of Jack Callaghan doing the horizontal salsa in the backseat of a car with Greta Pritchard. That’s when I knew for sure I’d grow up to be a private eye. I’d stooped to low levels in order to spy on him: disguising myself as a substitute custodian and pushing a mop cart into the boys’

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Pleating for Mercy, book one in the Magical Dressmaking mystery series on sale for 99 ¢

Book Excerpt: Pleating for Mercy from The Magical Dressmaking Cozy Series

The Magical Dressmaking Cozy Mystery Series Sometimes it’s risky to take a chance on a new-to-you author or book. I’ve felt that way. So today I’m introducing you to The Magical Dressmaking Cozy Mystery series. What Makes it Special? These books have everything I love and a lot of how I’d love to see the world (the magic, minus the murder): a touch of magic a little history (Butch Cassidy)

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Book Excerpt: Kneaded to Death

Kneaded to Death A Bread Shop Mystery Winnie Archer Chapter 1 Santa Sofia is a magical town, nestled between the Santa Lucia Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean on California’s Central Coast. I’ve always seen it as the perfect place. Not too big, not too small. Historic and true to its commitment to remain a family-oriented place to live. They accomplished this goal by having more bikes than people, concerts

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