As a Writer, this is Why I Love Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Listen to the Podcast Episode I did about Attorney Woo’s Hero’s Journey.

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Episode 32 of The WriterSpark Podcast, this one about Extraordinary Attorney Woo's Hero's Journey

As a Writer, there are so many reasons to love Extraordinary Attorney Woo. First and foremost, she is a hero.

She is. Truly. A bonafide hero. And as a writer, I can’t get enough of her.


In case you’ve missed this phenomenal show, here’s the summary from ENA/Netflix:

Attorney Woo (Woo Young-Woo) is an extraordinary attorney who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This fact offers her unique perspectives on her cases, but is also limiting.


I recognize the hero in Woo Young Woo.

As a writer, finding I love so much, as I dod Extraordinary Attorney Woo is magical. On my WriterSpark Academy website, I’ve done a Hero’s Journey breakdown of episode one of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. You can check that out HERE. I also did a podcast episode on this amazing character. You can listen to that HERE. This is what I do in my spare time 🤣

As far as heroes go, Woo Young-Woo is an unlikely one. She is the first autistic attorney in the Republic of Korea, a graduate of Seoul, South Korea, and while she is utterly brilliant when it comes to the law, her understanding of social norms and relationships is lacking. 

Like, really, severely lacking.


Attorney Woo’s Childhood

Woo Young-Woo did not speak until she was 5 years old, and when she did speak, it was citing law and criminal code from the mountains of books her father had. You see, he was in law school but ended up having to leave for reasons that are revealed later in the season. 


At the Beginning

Woo Young-Woo is hired as a brand new rookie attorney at Hanbada Law Firm. Here are a few things about her:

  • She struggles to look people in the eye
  • She must count to three before walking into a room/new space
  • She only eats gimbap (it’s predictable in look and taste)
  • She is passionate about whales
This young woman is unique and lovable. 

Her Whale-izations!

One of the whales Woo Young-Woo sees in Extraordinary Attorney Woo

As is the case for many autistic people, Woo Young-Woo has a single-minded obsession– whales. She sees them, loves them, and knows everything about them. The animation in the show is really special. When she sees them, she has a realization about something. I call them her whale-izations.

Wow Young-Woo’s Obstacles

Like any great hero, Wow Young-Woo faces many obstacles, both with the law and personally. And how she does this is wonderfully satisfying. She has her people, those who are on her side. There is a romantic interest, and this storyline is so touching. And there is just so much more!

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a wonderful TV show. Y’all, if you haven’t seen it, fix that…NOW!

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