5 Star Reviews for Murder and an Irish Curse


Reviewer Praise for Murder and an Irish Curse

“I wholeheartedly recommend!…This book is rich with mythology and history with a bit of intriguing spell-casting and tarot, and the multi-generational characters add an exciting range of personalities from helpful to interfering, from sane to quirky, from open to secretive, from good to evil…Top contender for my Best of 2022!” ~Kings River Life Magazine

To say it’s a page turner is not doing it justice. The writing is so well done that the reader feels as though they are actually entrenched with the characters experiencing all the twists and turns that kept me enthralled throughout.” ~Amazon Reader

“I can honestly say that I could not stop reading this once I started…” ~Amazon Reader

I do not know where to begin with a review of this book except to say that this series remains one of the best I have ever read. ~a BookBub Reader

“This series quickly became a favorite, and this book’s a prime example of why. The book is well-written with well-rounded characters, and a well-thought-out, original plot. The various relationships are well-done. I was drawn into this enchanting story from the beginning and kept hooked throughout. ~a BookBub Reader

“The book’s nail-biting conclusion and the events leading up to it will have readers holding their breath! …The author puts the reader in a perfectly rendered Outer Banks setting. She brings myth and legend to life and her imaginary characters come alive on the page. Kudos for an outstanding cozy! ~a Goodreads Reader

No matter how much I tried to slow myself down while reading this book, I just wasn’t successful. I flew through this book. I wanted to slow down because I could tell we were coming to an end and I wasn’t ready.” ~Amazon Reader

“The author expertly weaves a tale with enough twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end where the answer to the mystery is hiding in plain sight.” ~Amazon Reader