Public Speaking / Workshops

If you’d like me to visit your chapter meeting or speak at workshop, please fill out the contact form HERE.


Half-day workshop example:


Entangled Publishing has broken the traditional publishing mold.  They’ve taken the publishing world by storm with their inspired business plan, ground-breaking royalty structure, exciting new lines, and an unprecedented world-wide distribution deal with both Publishers Group West and Midpoint.  During the first portion of the day, Melissa will discuss the rise of Entangled Publishing, the current publishing plan, including their marketing department, will share real numbers on the company’s new category lines, and will answer questions about what makes Entangled different.

The second portion of the meeting will be hands on.  Using her personal experience, The Tricked-Out Toolbox, Promotion and Marketing Tools Every Writer Needs (co-written with bestselling indie author Tonya Kappes), and her experience as Marketing Director with Entangled Publishing, Melissa will take participants through several different elements of a marketing plan, including goal-setting, drafting an action plan, writing a press release, creating a sell sheet, and creating a press kit.  Participants will leave with a clear understanding of how to reach out to local media, how to use press materials and collateral to communicate a message, and will be empowered to better promote their books and market themselves.