New Mysteries this November

6 November Crime Novels
6 November Crime Novels

Cooler weather is officially here. That means there’s no better time to curl up with a warm mug, a cozy blanket, and a great mystery. I am always so thankful when someone shares the news about one of my books. So I’m going to start paying it forward by sharing new releases that look interesting to me. (Plus I included my own new first in series mini mystery, because, why not?)


Here are six new crime novels coming out in November. The collection runs the gamut. Choose from cozies with amateur sleuths, a suspense with a cryptic cyber-ghost called “the Cipher” and the FBI special agent out to catch him, a thriller centering around a stenographer whose court transcript holds a murderer’s identity, and another set in the cutthroat world of ballet. Choose your proverbial poison with one of these first in series mysteries and settle in for a great read.


The Secret on Rum Runner’s Lane by Melissa Bourbon (Book Magic Mini Mystery #1)

The Lane women are bibliomancers, but Cassie sees her divination not as a gift, but as a curse–one from which she desperately wants to escape. It turns out, though, that running from her fate isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. When a woman goes missing, and a neighbor turns up dead, Cassie turns to the books she’s always avoided to help her find the truth.


The Cipher by Isabella Maldonado (Nina Guerrera #1)

The Cipher is a social media superstar for whom killing is a twisted game. But to FBI Special Agent Nina Guerrera, he’s the monster who changed her life when she was just sixteen years old. Now, he’s pulled her into his depraved world. Along with FBI mind hunter, Dr. Jeffrey Wade, Nina must follow the clues and the victims to stop a deadly predator—while the public plays along on the Internet.

Puzzling Ink by Becky Clark (Crossword Puzzle)

Crossword puzzles are neat and orderly; murder is is anything but. Quinn Carr deals with OCD, creates crosswords for the local paper, and waitresses, with the hopes of moving out from under her parents’ roof. What could be messier than a customer ending up dead at her table? As suspects abound, Quinn uses her crossword skills to sort through the suspects and solve the mystery.

Open For Murder by Mary Angela (Happy Camper)

Things are anything but happy in Spirit Canyon, South Dakota, where Zo Jones runs the Happy Camper gift shop. When a man is found dead, her friend Beth is the prime suspect. With Forest Ranger Max Harrington as her unlikely ally, Zo is determined to prove Beth’s innocence before she becomes the next victim.

Meet Isabel Puddles by M.V. Byrne (Mitten State)

M.V. Byrne brings her skills as a veteran television writer to her debut Mitten State Mystery series. Isabel Puddles loves a good mystery novel. When this widowed mother of two becomes the hair stylist at the local funeral home, she finds herself living her own mystery. Her childhood friend is accused of murdering his father, and Isabel is determined to prove his innocence, but solving crimes in real life isn’t the same as reading about them.

Poetic Justice by Andrea J. Johnson (Victoria Justice)

This debut follows court stenographer Victoria Justice in this exciting thriller. When the judge she works for is found dead during the trial of Victoria’s childhood nemesis, evidence goes missing and a mistrial looms. Victoria realizes she holds the key to the murderer’s identity. It’s up to her to stifle her fears and dig through the court transcript to unearth the truth.

Murder in First Position by Lori Robbins

Backstage intrigues, blackmail, romantic entanglements, and a ballerina stabbed in the back—the cutthroat world of dance is child’s play compared to murder. Leah Siderova finds herself the prime suspect in the murder of her dance rival, Arianna Bonneville. Will she summon up the discipline to get to the truth before she becomes the killer’s next victim?