The Living the Vida Lola Query

Writing a query is harder than it looks. By a long shot. You’ve got to hook the agent–or editor–and entice them into requesting more of your manuscript. The query I wrote for Living the Vida Lola garnered a ton of requests for my manuscript and the end result was signing with my dream agent, Holly Root. It takes time to write a winning query, but the effort is well worth the end result. Here is my query for the first in the Lola Cruz mystery series.

Dolores Cruz is willing to risk all in order to become a detective.

After a year and a half as an underling at Camacho and Associates, Lola is finally assigned her first big case: solving the mysterious disappearance of Emily Diggs. But will she be able to handle it with all the distractions facing her? As if the shifts at her family’s Mexican restaurant and her cousin’s quinceañera aren’t enough, her brother’s old high school friend Jack Callaghan is back in town—demanding her attention.

When Emily turns up dead in the Sacramento River, the pressure’s on to find the killer. Lola’s search for answers turns deadly when she becomes the killer’s next target.

Living the Vida Lola, A Lola PI Novel is the first book in a Latina Chick Lit Mystery series. The second installment, Dead Girl Walking, is also complete. The third book in the series, Bare Naked Ladies, is in process.

I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English at the University of California, Davis and am a former middle school Language Arts teacher. I am a member of RWA and have published a children’s book entitled The Flight of the Sunflower. I was previously represented by Agent X of the Agent X Literary Agency, however she has gone into semi-retirement thus I am seeking new representation.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.