[Day 2]: Resource Book_#15DaysInMyWritingWorld


Day 2, and this one might be a little challenging to capture that in a photograph, but we can do it! 


How did your writing life begin?


💮Was it when you could no longer silence the voices in your head?

💮Did you have an aha moment about a story you needed to tell?

💮Or maybe it was a combination of smaller events that led you down the writing path.

💮Perhaps someone in your life encouraged you to put pen to paper.

💮Was it buying a new journal? A new computer? Dusting off an old notebook?

💮Getting an agent? An editor? Your first contract?


We all have different paths, but for each of us, events have led us on this journey of writing. I think it’s important to reflect on our journey. Your writing path may have started long before you realize it did. However you see the beginning, it’s important to acknowledge our beginnings and the turning points in our careers.


Tip: These abstract prompts can be challenging. Location works, as do objects that have been part of your journey. 


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