The Trouble with Hope and Glory

August 30, 2022

The Trouble with Hope and Glory, a Trouble in Tumbleweed Mystery

Lake House Press, August 30, 2022


Hope and Glory McIntyre are about as different as sisters can be. Glory is the quintessential Texas beauty queen, while Hope wants nothing more than to dismantle Tumbleweed’s beauty queen scene with the mighty stroke of her journalist pen. Glory’s dreams of becoming Mrs. Tumbleweed might be over when her rival is found dead, and while they might be as different as water and Texas oil, Hope won’t rest until she clears sister of wrongdoing and gets to the truth.

Four authors. Four stories. One Town. And a whole lot of trouble …

The small town of Tumbleweed might sit in the remote desert of west Texas, but trouble still seems to find it. Someone’s always trying to kill someone else for one darn reason or another, and things get as tangled and twisted as a tumbleweed. The Trouble in Tumbleweed series is an entertaining and interrelated collection of mystery novellas from some of the genre’s most popular and bestselling authors.  


February 14, 2023

The Trouble with Pushing Up Daisies, a Trouble in Tumbleweed Mystery

Lake House Press, August 30, 2022!


Online dating isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Or maybe it is. Case in point: Mikenna, the perennially perky owner of Cowboy Coffee, is charmed by a guy she thinks is special. But then, after what has to be the most spectacular date in history, he ghosts her, leaving her high, dry, and heartbroken.

Tumbleweed Today editor Hope McIntyre decides to dig into the ghosting epidemic with a series of articles. What she finds is that the West Texas Casanova has left a string of broken hearts as long as the Chisholm Trail.

When the guy is found dead, Mikenna—and every other jilted woman in town—becomes a suspect in his murder. Hope makes it her business to discover who made sure the Tumbleweed Romeo would be permanently taken off the market and pushing up daisies. 


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