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I got the idea for this challenge from the talented and inspirational Tara Leaver who created the 21 Days in My Art World challenge, which she runs in the month of January.

I love the inspiration that comes from all the different posts, but as an artist in a creative field that isn’t visual, it wasn’t the right challenge for me. It did lead me to wonder how I could take the idea and make it something that could work for writers.

That is how the 15 Days in my Writing World Challenge came to be. This challenge is a way to open up and share an intimate look into your book world, and it’s an amazing way to learn more about the other writers participating. Ultimately, we are growing our community.

Writing is a solitary art, yet at the same time, we writers need connection to broaden our worlds and form creative bonds with others who experience the written word in the same way, whether those people are other writers or the readers we hope to reach.

Sharing of ourselves can be overwhelming–and sometimes intimidating. Many writers are introverts by nature. I certainly am! Opening up our world to others can feel daunting. Instagram offers an amazing way to connect with people, but it’s sometimes challenging to figure out how to share things about our writing world on such a visual platform.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many writers and readers from all over thanks to Instagram, and through this platform, I’ve connected with many of them on a deeper level than I would have been able to otherwise.

The 15 Days in My Writing World Challenge is also a way for writers to connect with avid readers who love to get a glimpse into the writing world. Think of this as an invitation to open up your writing world to others and to be part of the larger bookish community.


We Grow Together

The goal of this challenge is simply to connect with other writers and lovers of the written word, and to possibly reach potential readers.

By the end of the 15 days, you will have created a visual representation of your writing life…a story, if you will, that shows your writing world in a new way.

Who knows, you may even be newly inspired and find inspiration along the way.

An added bonus is that readers love to know the person behind the words. This opening up of your world is a way to share who you are as a writer with the very people you want to reach—your reading audience.

The Details

Over 15 days, starting this February 14th, we will all share different parts of our writing worlds. We’ll use the hashtag #15DaysInMyWritingWorld as we grow and expand our connections with others.

  • Invite others to see what life is like as a writer. Pull back the curtain!
  • We’ll share what we love, our inspirations, and our challenges along the way.
  • We’ll connect as we talk about our writing lives, what the written word means to each of us, and what we hope and dream about.
  • We welcome every kind of writer, published and unpublished, fiction and nonfiction writers, poets and lyricists.

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Please feel free to share the 15 Days in My Writing World image and the challenge information with your writing friends. Let’s build our community!

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To find each other on Instagram, we’ll be using the hashtag #15daysinmywritingworld. Build our community by commenting on each others’ posts!

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Help spread the word about this fun, no rules challenge for writers! Use the information below, as well as the #15DaysinMyWritingWorld images.

 In summary

  • 15 day challenge on Instagram {#15daysinmywritingworld} to build community, reveal a part of our writing world with others, and to have fun tapping into a different form of creativity.
  • If you’re not on Instagram, you can join by visiting my Facebook page at
  • You can definitely play along without signing up for emails, but if you would like to receive daily reminders, ideas, inspiration, and encouragement, go here: http://bit.ly/2021WritingWorldChallenge
  • Please help spread the word by sharing the image containing the prompts, the various links with information, or one of the suggested bits above!


Direct link to sign up form: http://bit.ly/2021WritingWorldChallenge

Link to detailed information: http://bit.ly/2021WritingWorldChallenge

Bookishly_Cozy’s Instagram (the challenge host): http://instagram.com/bookishly_cozy

If you have any questions or need clarification, please leave a comment!